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A team of highly qualified Cardiologists based at the Western Community Hospital offering a range of Tests & Procedures.

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Tests & Procedures

Our fully qualified Cardiologists offer a range of services to record and measure your heart’s activity.

Records the way your heart beats.
Assesses the way your heart functions.
Holter Monitor
Records the way your heart beats over 24 hours.
Exercise Stress Test
Assesses the way your heart responds to exercise.
24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
Records your blood pressure over 24 hours.
Pacemaker/Defibrillator Test
Checks that the device is working normally.
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Our Cardiologists

Our doctors are highly qualified and committed to helping you with your heart enquiries/problems. With each of them highly trained in their own specialty and engaged in ongoing research and education, we are able to ensure that all areas of heart health are managed at the highest standards with up-to-date advice and technologies. More importantly, our doctors are known to provide a warm and friendly service to our patients.

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